Pink Dreams, baby!

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… AND THAT IS THE WAY I MAKE FIRE! Simple and messy “how to gry”.
I will add quick smoke tutorial / step by step too Just wait. \o/

EDIT: Sorry for small images >8C I am not good with tumblr image sizes and I have never understood them. But by copying the image URL you can see bigger sized images!

art resources, fire

Saving this for reference. I always have a tough time when it comes to coloring out fire. I suck at it >w<;

(vía darkmusli)

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BRAVE - The first encounter with the fate

Baby Merida and the will-o’-the-wisp.

I saw the film again and decided to do another -and more detailed- version of Merida, and the first scene that appeared in my mind was this. I hope you like.

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Important note: Holidays are over. From now, that means I’ll have less time and I cannot update as much as I have been doing this summer. I promise I will do my best to bring you more pictures and updates, even if they are sketches, but please be patient.  (=^_____^=)


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Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Ciel Phantomhive Character doll by DOLKS (I.O.S)

Exhibitioned at Dollism Plus Osaka 2014 (September 20, 2014)

More information once available

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